How to Macrame Window Curtain?

How to Macrame Window Curtain?

MACRAME is an exciting new weaving technique which is used to create a wide range of different items, such as bracelets and pendants. It is also a great way to relax and make beautiful art pieces for the house. MACRAME is typically made using hemp or cotton rope. In addition, the name MACRAME is derived from the two words ‘macrame’ and ‘amere’. This technique is one of the easiest techniques to learn and can be learned by people of all ages.

Another great way to learn how to macrame for beginners is to search YouTube for videos teaching basic techniques. Videos covering this topic are everywhere, so all you really need to do is type in macrame knot instruction in the search engine bar and you should find dozens of videos teaching people all the basics of macrame. If you’re looking for a more technical explanation, there are several books you can buy that teach all about this fascinating craft, as well as step-by-step illustrations showing you exactly how to complete a basic project.

As mentioned above, if you choose to purchase a book instead of watching or learning online, you’ll find it even easier to understand because there are diagrams of macrame projects all over the place. These diagrams will show you where to connect different pieces of cord, how to weave them together, and how to string your project together. Once you have everything connected, you can begin your project by gathering your materials. This could include any kind of textile you want to use: a heavy wool scarf, a piece of fabric, a brooch, buttons, beads, papers, even a piece of cotton fabric to make the fringe, and the rest of the materials mentioned earlier.

For your first project, you’ll probably want to use yarns of the same weight or thickness, so you can obtain a square knot. Once you have your materials assembled, it’s time to start crocheting. To make a simple square knot, grab the long edge of your yarn, wrap it around a finger, and then pull your needle through the loop on the opposite side of your hook. You should now have a looped line down the inside of your fingers.

Macrame Window Curtain, DIY Tutorial Macrame Boho Decor

This gorgeous curtain saves from the sun and looks just amazing, I hope you like it.


-Stick – 75 cm / 29,53 inches
-Knitted / braided cotton cord 4 mm / 0,16 inches
-60 ropes of 10 meters / 393,7 inches

-Finished size: 60 x 155 cm / 23,62 x 61,02 inches

For more information, you can watch the video below…


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