DIY Macrame Tutorial: Macrame Diamond Pattern

– 4mm Recycled Rope (Color: Sage)

have some good times instructional exercise for you today that will tell you the best way to make a jewel design with substituting half hitch specifying between the precious stones. We should begin. Cut 6 bits of rope, each piece is 2.5 meters long. I cut my lines 2 meters in length and they wound up being somewhat short so an additional a large portion of a meter ought to get the job done.

Tie a twofold half hitch tie (DHHK) with the two center lines. Tie 5 more DHHKs dropping down and to one side. Utilize the center left string as your filler line and secure 5 DHHKs moving and to one side.

Don’t hesitate to utilize such a plan in your precious stone – I chose to tie a square bunch (SK) utilizing two lines from each side. Make the base portion of your precious stone by utilizing the left most and right most ropes as your filler lines and tying 5 DHHKs on each side. Tie one more DHHK with the two filler strings to interface the different sides.

Skirt the four lines on the left and tie 4 substituting half hitch ties. Avoid the two ropes on the left and tie 6 substituting half hitch ties. Utilize the two leftover ropes on the left and tie 10 substituting half hitch ties. Rehash on the correct side of your work. Tie one more jewel utilizing a similar strategy we did to make the primary precious stone.

Much obliged for watching!

Macrame Tutorials – What Are They and Where Can You Find Them?
Here’s a fun new DIY macrame project that will make a great craft project for your daughter’s next birthday party. This is a Diamond pattern handcrafted from scratch by a master carver. This is a real gem that anyone will enjoy and appreciate for years to come. Here’s how you can have one of these crafts made for you as well.

Macrame Tutorial
In this video, I give a quick overview of what the process is before I walk you through the steps of making a beautiful piece of homemade macrame with a step-by-step tutorial. You’ll get some ideas for your own creations as well. Enjoy! Let’s get started.

This DIY macrame wall hanging was inspired by a real world scene. I don’t think we all have a Tiffany lamp, but if we did, we’d hang it on our wall to give our room an exotic look. I found the whole method from this YouTube video, which you can also watch at the bottom of this article, to be really easy to follow. It uses a knot construction technique similar to the beadwork but instead of using a single bead, you use several different ones in this process.

To start, you take several pieces of fabric that are similar in color and length, such as wool or cotton. Make sure the edges of the cords are perfectly straight and also tied securely to avoid fraying. You also need a longer cord than you need for this project because it will be hanging on the wall in a sling form. The best way to start building the macrame cord is to simply tie the different cords together.

The best method to learning how to tie knots is to watch tutorials online. By watching a YouTube video on how to tie a knot, you will have an easier time learning how to do it and practicing until you can master it.

Even though it’s easy to find tutorials online, sometimes it is just easier to watch someone do it in person. So how do you find tutorials online? Simple, just search for “macrame projects” or “craftsman macrame projects”. You’ll find many tutorials available for free, or you can join some of the great online communities. One of the best communities that I’ve belonged to, is CraftWarp which has tons of different macrame projects posted every day!

Another great thing about joining a community is that you can ask questions, and other members will answer them for you. When you have a question, all you need to do is hop on there and search for the answer. If you don’t know the answer, simply ask another member. It’s that easy and anyone can find answers to their questions within minutes.

As I said before, with a macrame tutorial you don’t have to purchase any materials. Some videos are even free on YouTube. But when you want to learn how to do something really cool, then paying for a good book or video is a must. When choosing a video, make sure it is a good quality one, because you don’t want to invest a lot of money in something that will be of no use to you. Check out reviews, and look for videos written by people who have experience with whatever it is you are planning to make.

– macrame vine pattern
– macrame leaf pattern

With a good Macrame Tutorial you will have your project completed in no time at all. The videos should explain the basics well enough, but at the same time give you a lot of room to work with. Once you feel confident and know what you are doing, it’s a very good idea to join a forum so you can get help from other people. They can often give you tips and advice that you might not have thought of. If they don’t, then you can always purchase a book or visit the website itself. But if you take your time, you’ll soon be making beautiful macrame projects that will be enjoyed for years to come

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