DIY Macrame 3 Feather Wall Hanging Tutorial

Feather Wall Hanging Tutorial! Please see below for materials and written instructions.

– 3mm Single Strand Twisted Cotton String
– Driftwood – 10 inches long
– Pet Brush
– Scissors

Hey guys! I’ve got a super fun 3 feather wall hanging tutorial for you today. Let’s get started!

Cut 3 pieces of rope, each piece is 35 inches long. Fold each piece in half and attach each to your piece of driftwood using a Lark’s Head knot.

Feather 1 (left side)
Cut 30 pieces of rope, each piece is 8 inches long. Fold the first piece in half and attach it to the left two strands of rope using a Cow Hitch knot so that the rope is hanging off the left side.

Attach the second piece so that the rope is hanging off the right hand side. Continue to attach the rest of the pieces, alternating as you go.

Feather 2 (centre)
Cut 34 pieces of rope, each piece is 8 inches long. Attach each piece to the two strands in the middle of your work using the same process as the first feather.

Feather 3 (right side)
Repeat the exact same process you used for Feather 1 (cut 30 pieces of rope, each piece is 8 inches long).

Brush out each feather. If it is easier you can take the feathers off of your piece of driftwood to brush them out and cut them and then add them back to the driftwood.

You will scratch the surface underneath the feathers when brushing them out so I recommend using a surface that you don’t mind scratching up a bit.

Tip: To make sure that the feather hangs straight I will push my Cow Hitch Knots close together to give the hanging a little more structure.

Tie an overhand knot at the bottom of each of your 3 feathers using the two middle strands.

Repeat this process with the other two feathers.

Cut each feather to shape. Using a comb is not necessary but I find it helps to alternate between cutting and brushing so that I do not missing cutting any strands. The final size of my feathers are roughly 4 inches wide (2 inches of rope on each side) and 10 inches long for the left and right feathers, 11 inches long for the centre feather.

Repeat the same process with the other two feathers. I did not add felt to the back or adhesive spray as I found these feathers to be small enough that they hold their shape on their own.

To hang this wall hanging I added a piece of rope to the top and tied it on both sides with a constrictor knot.

Thanks so much for watching!

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