DIY Macrame for Beginners – How to make different knots in macrame

DIY Macrame for Beginners

MACRAME is a popular strand of handmade jewelry and art. MACRAME is made by interlacing yarn (either cotton or hemp) with marbles, aluminum foil, glass beads, and other materials. The project begins with an idea for a project that can be anything-from a necklace to a hand-made wind chime Once the project is decided, the fabric is threaded, the frame/htop/bowl is heated and sometimes treated with glue and/or adhesives to adhere it to the desired surface.

What is MACRAME?

MACRAME is an old technique, dating back to early America.  Is an intricate multi-strand weaving technique developed in and around Michigan, USA during the late 1800’s. It is a method of weaving different size and color strands of colored marbles together to create unique, decorative items.

MACRAME is an excellent craft for both adults and children-even those without sewing skills! Many people use MACRAME to create beautiful handmade beaded bracelets, belts, necklaces, earrings, and other items. A simple macrame knot can be worked into any thread, no matter what kind of material is used. The finished product is simply beautiful.

Reef Knot Circular Pattern, Half Hitch Knot, Square Knot


– 5mm Premium Rope (Natural and Rust)

I have two variations of a fun circular pattern for you today. The first uses the square knot and half hitch, and the second uses the square knot, half hitch and reef knot. I’m using 5mm premium rope in the colours natural and rust for this tutorial.

Cut two pieces of 5mm rope, each piece is 5 ft long. Fold each piece in half and attach each piece to your dowel using Lark’s Head knots.

Tie a square knot. Tie a half hitch on the left side of your work and then another on the right. Repeat that process to create a design of your desired length. End with a square knot.


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