DIY MACRAME: Diamond Pattern, Nautical – Information About Macrame

DIY MACRAME: Diamond Pattern, Nautical – Information About Macrame

MACRAME is a type of textile made using different needlework methods. It can be referred to as a type of cross between needlepoint and macrame, or a type of needlework which owes its origin to the art of the seventeenth century. MACRAME originated in France and is considered as a cross between knitting and macrame. It is known as a decorative art which involves detailed and colorful designs.

As you may very well know already, macrame has been a favorite craft for many centuries, especially among the British craftsmen. This type of crochet and embroidery became very popular as an alternative to machine-made textiles such as curtains, tablecloths, and napkins. These handmade crafts, however, were not properly appreciated until after the Industrial Revolution when commercial production techniques became prevalent.

As technology improves, new types of crafts, including those which involve intricate details of color and patterns, are also emerging. One example is the craft of macrame. Some enthusiasts are turning to the Internet to get the latest information on how to make use of the newest technological advancements to create unique decorative pieces. Thanks to the technological innovations in the Internet, it is now possible to share macrame patterns and ideas with other people all over the world. In fact, people who are fond of creating handmade art can use the technology to share their creativity by making use of the web’s numerous resources.

The first step of this craft is to choose the pattern you want. There are various options that you can choose from, including those that feature a simple rope and flat hook, a doubled loop, a crochet stitch, a hooked hook and a half-inch cord. For beginners, it is recommended that you start off by learning how to tie a simple knot. Learning how to do this will make it easier for you to learn the more intricate knot patterns.

After learning how to tie the simple knot, you will now be able to choose a pattern or design for your macrame wall hanging. Some people choose their favorite painting, picture or wallpaper art to use as a pattern. As for others, they simply choose a basic knot pattern that they find attractive.


– 4mm Rope (Colours: Natural and Navy)


Cut 6 pieces of 4mm rope in the colour natural, each piece is 2 meters long. Cut 2 pieces of 4mm rope in the colour navy, each piece is 2 meters long. You will have about 40-50cm of cord hanging below your design once completed.

Tie 6 square knots total – 3 to complete the first row, 2 for the second row, and 1 for the third row.

Adjust your Lark’s Head Knots if necessary.

Use the outside cord as your filler cord and tie 7 dhhks down and to the right. Repeat on the right side of your work. Tie one more dhhk with the two filler cords to connect the two sides.

Use the current cord on the left as your filler cord and tie 6 dhhks working down and to the right. Tie a square knot in the middle of your work. Follow along as we will now flip the top half of the design and create it at the bottom of our work to create a X or cross pattern.

If you were to continue this pattern you could create a diamond shape here or leave space before repeating the pattern to create another X or cross.

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