Different Macrame Techniques and Knots

Different Macrame Techniques and Knots

Macrame Knitting

We examine the most frequently preferred macrame threads for those who care about decoration, aesthetics and hobbies. Macrame is a thread used not only in knitting techniques but also in many fields. Did you know that discarded macrame knots are used by sailors in a wide range from ship parts? You can find the most detailed guide on macrame knitting in this article.

Making Macrame Models

The construction of macrame models differs according to each type. Macrame threads are generally used to make creative touches such as wall decorations, macrame bracelet models, macrame decoration products, door ornaments, lampshade renewal. Macrame decoration is closer to country style. However, macrame knits decorated with fabric and leather bands will add a very different atmosphere to the house.

Especially for beginners, the subject of basic macrame knot techniques is very important. After learning macrame knot techniques, you can develop this technique and make creative pieces as you wish. The macrame leaf model made in pastel tones adorns the walls of almost every house today.

When using the macrame knitting technique, the important thing here is that the rope is always taut. For example, if macrame is to be made with a double knotted square knot, it is necessary to knit with four yarns. The rope is folded in half in these models and passed to a fixed place. Threads are strung side by side. The knotting technique is different for each structure. For example, a different knotting technique is used for a spiral structure.



Types of Macrame Knitting Yarn

Macrame threads are of different types. It is important to determine the craft you will do when choosing the type of yarn. Because it is necessary to use a different type of macrame thread for each activity. Each type of yarn has a different feature and the resulting pattern will differ accordingly.

  • synthetic macrame
  • cotton macrame
  • Cotton single-twist macrame
  • Cotton Twisted Macrame

As we mentioned above, people who have adopted the bohemian and country decoration style often use macrame threads. This is why macrame thread, which allows creating geometric and modern patterns with ease, is highly preferred. The type of yarn used is also very important. Generally, 100% cotton macrame thread is used. This knitting technique gives a stylish touch to the decoration with its modern and simple stance.



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