Amigurumi Sailor Girl And Blue Skirt Doll

How to Make Amigurumi?

What is Amigurumi? How to Make Amigurumi?

Amigurumi is one of the most popular knitted toys of recent years. Especially in the last 5 years, it has become one of the most preferred toys not only in Turkey but also all over the world due to the popularity it has gained. Amigurumi, which is made using knitting crochet and tight needle technique, can be preferred both for babies or children and as a souvenir. If you are wondering how amigurumi is made, take a look at the details of our content now.

What is Amigurumi?

Amigurumi is the knitting of dolls, toys and various objects made using knitting crochet and tight needle technique. Amigurumi comes from the Japanese word origin. In Japanese, the word ami means knitted, while gurumi means stuffed toy. Amigurumi is a Japanese word that was created later. As you know, while there is development in every field from industry to technology in Japan, the same development is possible in the production of dolls and toys at the same time. This led to the emergence of stuffed toys that we call amigurumi today. While there is still no factory producing amigurumi toys in Turkey, there are dozens of factories of different scales in Japan and China.

What Yarn Is Amigurumi Made With?

If you want to make amigurumi and you don’t know what yarn you can make, don’t worry, amigurumi toys can be made with almost any type of yarn. However, there is a very important point to be considered here, which is that the rope does not feather. If you prefer a rope that can fluff in a short time, amigurumi toys will go to wear and even break over time. For this reason, it is a very important detail that you prefer plain and plain threads and if possible, you prefer not thick threads.

What are the Materials Required for Amigurumi?

Of course, yarn is one of the materials required for Amigurumi. We have explained in detail above how you should choose your rope. If you haven’t read that part, you should. In addition, first of all, you need to go to a shop that sells knitting materials and find knitting needles, tight yarn and wool. After purchasing knitting crochet, yarn and wool, you are ready to make amigurumi. It is also worth noting that standard size amigurumi toys are sold in the range of 20-100 Dollar today.

Amigurumi Sailor Girl

Amigurumi Blue Skirt Doll

How to Make Amigurumi?

If you are searching for how to make amigurumi, you must first learn how to knit tight crochet. As you can imagine, tight crochet knitting technique is used for amigurumi and it is very difficult to use this technique. It can be a nightmare, especially for those who are not prone to crochet. After learning the tight crochet method to make amigurumi, you can start knitting a figure, creature, person or anything you envision. You should definitely pay attention to the tightness of the amigurumi and you should not neglect to knit the inner parts of the amigurumi. In the last stage, you can complete the first amigurumi after you fill it with wool and knit the last open part.

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